10 Plant Decor Ideas for Plant Lovers with No Space

We’ve all had those moments of impulsion in the plant store.

You know…

The moment you’re filled with excitement and anticipation to get your new plant babies home just to walk in and stand there puzzled as to where your going to put them.

But like all plant enthusiasts, we MAKE a way to squeeze in one more plant SOMEWHERE … ANYWHERE in the home.

Yep, you’re just like me.

I had an absolute field day one morning at my favorite local plant nursery. I was kid free for a few hours and felt compelled to go and get my giggles at the plant shop.

I came back home with a Christmas cactus and a peperomia totally denying the fact that I don’t have the space. Sigh…

But oh well, time to pick up with mommy duties for the moment. I would figure out my plant dilemma later.

So a day goes by and I’m on Instagram reading a post from @plant.and.deco about how she actually HAS space for a few more pants.


At that moment, I realized that I kind of envy people who still have space for plants and decided it was time to do some research on creative and inexpensive ideas to create more plant space in my own home.

Most of these ideas I’m about to share will involve being crafty or spending a few dollars to create the look you’re going for …

… but hey.

I know you’re going to love at least one of these trendy plant décor ideas and scrounge up the money or the time to bring that plant idea to life.

If you enjoy a good DIY project then you’ll enjoy these ideas even more!

Solving plant problems is just another way plant lovers like us keep the inner peace and smiles coming along.

So let’s jump right in to learn 10 ways to tweak your decor with plants and not to mention have a totally legitimate excuse now to go out and buy more! Winning!

Here goes the 10 best space saver ideas for plant lovers with no space.

Plant Décor Idea #1 Macramé Plant Hangers (single)

You may have heard of macramé plant hangers which are super cute for just about any place in the home.

Whether you hang it over a window or create natural division between rooms by grouping several plant hangers together, you are sure to create more space with these.

Multi-tiered Plant Hangers

Take it one step further with a multi-tiered macramé plant hanger which allows you to create a simple, clean look with MORE plants.


You can find this beautiful hanger in the picture above for just $9.99!

Plant Decor Idea # 2 Multi-tiered Plant Stands


Sleek bamboo plant stand.

Just like plant hangers, multi-tiered plant stands allow you to fit more plant babies into a small space and still keep the room looking attractive.

Not to mention, you have the option to move your plant stand to other areas of the home or patio if you want to position your plants for the best lighting conditions.

Plant Décor Idea #3 Corner Plant Stand

Looking for fun corner decor? Consider a plant stand like the one posted above as a great way to add a natural and cozy element to any corner space.

The corner plant stand in the above picture can be found here.

Plant Décor Idea #4 Window Racks


Window racks are fun and easy to install. If you have a bunch of tiny pots that love the sun, this may be the perfect solution for you.

Plant Décor Idea #5 Window Shelf Décor


Don’t want to use a rack, try a shelf instead.

Out of all the creative window shelves I’ve seen, I absolutely adore the minimalist approach in the one pictured above.

Plant Décor Idea #6 DIY Door Window Shelfing for Plants


Ok, ok! I am on my way to get the supplies RIGHT NOW!

This is just total plant décor excellence!

Plant Décor Idea #7 Plant Wall in the Bathroom


This involves a bit of craft work. If you want to create this gorgeous bathroom look House Mix shows you exactly how.

Plant Décor Idea #8 Repurpose a Wooden Ladder

repurpose wooden ladder, plant decor, plant stand, potted plant design

This is one of my personal favorite potted plant design ideas because it is not only adorable and crafty but also gives you tons of plant space to work with.

Try a simular framed idea here.

Plant Décor Idea #9 Glass Wall Hanging Planters


If you enjoy propagating in water, then you will rave over these cute glass wall hanging planters.

Plant Décor Idea #10 Wire Wall Décor


If you own trailing vine plants and climbers then you should consider wrapping them around a piece of metal wall decor.

How cute would this artisan dream tree metal wall art be with a live plant strung throughout!

Here are 5 fast-growing indoor trailing vine plants you can choose from:

1. Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron Hederaceum)

2. Hoya Carnosa

3. Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium Podophyllum)

4. String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)

5. Pothos (Epipremnum Aereum)
Now you have 10 amazing plant design ideas for adding plant space in your home or apartment.

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Plant Momma … no space 🙂

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