Here’s What Plant Lovers Do When They Want To Feel Happy

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You go to your favorite plant nursery, surround yourself with the plants and grin stupidly.

Let me tell you about the latest plant nursery encounter that left me senselessly grinning.

I moved about 6 months back but am still slowly getting to know the area.

Well 2 days ago a friend gave me directions to a restaurant and referenced a plant nursery called Strange’s as a landmark as he explained.

He casually mentioned how large the plant nursery was so I couldn’t miss it and that the restaurant was located the next block up after passing it.

My heart skipped a beat as I started thinking about how soon I could go check the plant nursery out.

In fact…

After my friend said “plant nursery” I totally stopped listening and even had the audacity to get an attitude for a moment.

Not with him, with myself for missing such an awesome plant place.


…there’s more.

I did not have a real reason to be mad except for the fact that I am a plant nut who would have loved to have visited this nursery when I first moved here during the summer.

It was hard to believe that this gigantic plant haven was a few miles away from me all this time and I hadn’t a clue.

My visit could have come much sooner and I would have definitely bought another plant I don’t have the space for.

I really thought I had explored all of the plant nurseries in the area by now.

Epic fail.

After 2 minutes into daydreaming about the new plant nursery my friend asked if I understood his directions to the restaurant and that was the moment that brought me back to reality.

The VERY next chance I had….

… You guessed it.

I was speeding off to the nursery to experience the delight for myself.

Well, this is indeed one of the largest plant nursery’s I’ve been to.

The nursery had everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

Hundreds of succulents,

monstera leaves as big as poster boards,

cactus varieties,



unique planters,

potting mixtures.

You name it and and some form of it could be found.

I’m dancing inside by this point.

I mean total BLISS guys.


Have you every gone to a nursery and no matter what you were dealing with felt total happiness in that moment?

As a working mother who wears so many many hats,

I have slowly been learning to take time out for myself and enjoy the little things.

Since plants make me happy I don’t mind driving a few extra miles to visit a nursery or a spend a few extra minutes at the grocery store to see what selection of plants are in stock.

It has become a welcomed therapeutic activity.

What is it about plants that make you smile?

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