What Everyone Ought to Know About How to Root a Hoya Carnosa Compacta (Hindu Rope / Krinkle Kurl)


You’ve probably been searching around the web for quite some time now, debating on if you should start a new plant from your Hindu Rope. Or maybe you’ve even tried to avoid your Hindu rope cutting from dying but it didn’t turn out as well as you hoped. Indeed, if this is your first time propagating a hoya plant, then you probably ended up with yellow or dying leaves.

Don’t despair. You too can start growing a healthy new hoya compacta and all you have to do is tweak your rooting strategy a bit.

Hoya carnosa can be found with both green or variegated leaves. Let’s look at my Hoya carnosa compacta cutting recently purchased on Etsy. It was packaged nicely and I love this little guy already!

How to propagate Hoya Rope plant:

The easiest way to propagate hindu rope plants is in a small glass of water although people have had success rooting in soil instead of water. Most indoor plants follow a similar rooting process.

But be careful….

If you choose to use soil instead, there’s a good chance you’ll overwater and yes, it will be a bummer.

So to avoid overwatering use a well draining potting mix with one part courser particles of perlite or pine bark for air and drainage and one part organic matter or fibrous peat moss.

Vermiculite also works effectively for air circulation to the roots. Add a small amount of vermiculite to standard potting mixtures from Home Depot, Walmart or your local plant nursery for better filtration.

How and where to cut your Hoya Compacta to start a new plant

Cut a piece of the plant stem diagonally using clean shears. The cutting should be long enough to have at least one of the nodes submerged under the water (see photo below).

I recommend removing a couple of the leaves on the lowest end of the stem (the node that is submerged in water will start to form roots in a few weeks). Exciting!!!

Do not let any of the remaining leaves touch the water because they may rot.

I have to admit that there’s a chance my new baby Hoya compacta may not survive because I ordered it online in the “off” season. I’m not sure how well it held up to the cold in the mail.

The anxiety was high waiting on my new plant baby to arrive and not sit outside to long and risk freezing.

Temperatures have gone down into the 20’s after dark this time of year and most indoor plants suffer in freezing temperatures.

So only time will tell as I attempt to root this hindu rope in a small glass of spring water over the next few weeks. You better root! Ha😬

Updates on the rooting progress will be made periodically. Keep your crossed with me.🤞🏽

How long does it take to root a Hoya?

This cutting should root in three to four weeks with proper sunlight and clean water.

Additional Care tips for Propagating Houseplants in Water


Keep hoya carnosa compacta cutting in a sunny spot that gets medium to high light each day. If your plant’s location does not get much light, consider buying a grow light as an additional light source.

Here are a few affordable grow lights that I recommend:

60W Equivalent Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

Dual Head 36 LED 5 Dimmable Levels Plant Grow Light

600W LED Plant Grow Light with Thermometer / Humidity Monitor



Change the water once per week. Do not use tap water. Spring water or filtered lukewarm water is best for the plant’s health.


Krinkle Kurl should be kept at temperatures between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit

Now you too can feel confident in making the chop to start a new plant from your Hoya.


What steps do you take to keep your hoya plant healthy?

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